Offset Printing

An Oldie but Goodie

Offset printing is one of the oldest methods of printing still commonly used today.

Offset Printing Services

Printing Services has different offset presses, all with different purposes and types of jobs that they print. Offset printing is best for large quantities of all sorts of different printed pieces. From slick marketing pieces to simple black and white forms, offset printing is very versatile for all of your needs.

Have you ever wondered what offset printing is and how does it work?

Oh the places ink will go! With our offset press, the ink begins its journey by being spread onto a metal plate that has been etched with images and or text. The ink is then transferred from a plate to rubber blankets or rollers. Finally the ink is applied onto the paper by pressing the print media, usually paper, against the intermediary surface. With this form of printing we can produce large volumes of high quality documents in a short period of time. Offset is the most common form of printing used.